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A bit of a redo: the Marni necklace my way

By bigglassesgirl | August 22, 2007

As mentioned before, have been longing to diy at least one of the Marni necklaces from the F/W collection.  Today decided I would try my hand at this one:

…but with a few alterations so as to make it super budget-friendly (read as: I’m a student so being cheap is second nature 99% of the time), and with a twist or two to make it my own.  As a result, switched out the stones and used something entirely different.  You won’t believe me when I tell you what, but have faith.  Call it taking inspiration from different places and trying to be creative.



So I used hair clips as my embellishment.  From the dollar store, no less.  What?  I really liked how they looked; that they were 3 for a $1 didn’t hurt either.  Hurrah!

First step after I purchased the hair clips was to take out the screws as I only needed the top part.

For the backdrop of my necklace, decided I would use a piece of leather.  Cut it to a small rectangle and played with how I wanted to lay out the sprialed pieces. 


Once I had decided which style I liked best, I started to sew the pieces onto the leather.  On the side where the screw was, the thread is hidden, and on the other side I looped it to create a simple design.  I alternated pieces so that the visible looping isn’t only on one side.

The actual sewing took a while because the leather was thick and even with a larger needle it was tough to get through. 

Instead of a chain, used a very thin rope of leather.  Knotted it to the top piece and put a necklace clasp at the ends.

And now my dears, when all is said and done, here is how my necklace looks.  Clearly strayed from the original design, but I think there’s a bit of the original essence still there.

Total cost: $9

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One Response to “A bit of a redo: the Marni necklace my way”

  1. WendyB Says:
    August 23rd, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    Nice work.