I do not take credit and I do not own any photos on this site (except for the photos I took myself). Photos are used for commentary purposes and not commercial reasons unless specified.

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    Behind Big Glasses is a website for: fashion musings, rants, raves, and commentary. Vintage picks and pans, obscure finds, getting the look diy, personal creations and experiences, and many pretty pictures.  A hint or two of sarcasm or snark is to be expected, as is the odd spelling/grammatical error.  I save my careful editing skills for my university essays, alright?

    Written by bigglassesgirl: an exhuberant, eternally optimisitic, hopelessly romantic girl who prefers museums to top-40-playing-clubs and in all reality is not very exhuberant, eternally optimistic, or hopelessly romantic at all.

    Join me on my journey as I fight the good fight against velour, matchy-matchy ensembles, and conventional looks.  And remember, if you’re a Russian prince searching for a North-American bride, your best method of wooing is to track down a crocodile Birkin and a copy of Chronicle of the Word: Hartmann Schedel (The Nuremberg Chronicle), s’il vous plait.

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