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    I attribute this to the finger on the pulse of fashion being momentarily numb

    By bigglassesgirl | August 9, 2007

    I have been infatuated with brogues and jazz shoes since (at least) last December.  I have harped on about them incessantly.  Positively, I was already a dedicated fan by December 26th.  How can I narrow down my infatuation so precisely?  Mainly because I bought my brogues on boxing day, and was wearing my old (actual) jazz shoes to holiday parties weeks before. 

    So I feel that I can look haughtily down my nose when I read just now on fashionwiredaily that the jazz-shoe phenomenon is being heralded as a trend to takeover ballet flats for this fall season.  Surely someone missed hearing the snooze button on that piece of information. 

    A few other tidbits from the article that I scoff a bit at:

    If fashionwiredaily would like someone to forecast must-have pieces/looks/styles in a timely fashion, let this be my official proclamation of availability for said position.  My first tidbit of information?  Fishtails will be the new hairstyle of choice.  This has nothing to do with the fact I just taught myself how to braid one a mere month ago.  I swear.

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