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    I won’t let a little thing like a completely ravaged shoe rain on my parade.

    By bigglassesgirl | August 18, 2007

    So it seems my little puppy is a budding fashionista in her own right.  That’s the only way I can explain what happened today - that being the discovery of a ravaged pair of polka-dot pumps.  Actually, quite uncharacteristic for her to destroy a pair of shoes, but that’s beside the point because regardless how I reason out her actions, the fact remains that said pumps can no longer be worn. 

    Thank goodness I had my thinking cap on.  I decided I was going to salvage the shoes (seeing as how I love them so), and chose to turn them into something I could display on my shelf.  The plan?  Papier-mache time!

    Preamble: I am a wiz at papier-mache.  Ever since my 7-year-old self watched Art Attack have I been in love with this particular medium.  I mean, really, to this day I have a papier-mache jeans-bin on my desk (in which I very handily keep all my usb/Ipod/cell phone cables in).

    But back to the situation at hand.  Of the two shoes, the left was looking much worse, so I trimmed away the pieces that were coming apart as best I could and used the shape of the shoe as a template for a papier-mache shoe.  Doggy dearest only got as far as altering the heel of the right shoe, and in a seemingly quite aesthetic manner, so I kept the damage visible and intact and just covered the insole with papier-mache.  After both shoes had finished drying, I covered a piece of poster board with old paper lunchbags and mounted the shoes to this base. 

    I may end up buying a piece of plywood to solidify the base.  For now, I’m content enough with the fact that I took an unplanned destruction and turned it into something I can still enjoy.

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    One Response to “I won’t let a little thing like a completely ravaged shoe rain on my parade.”

    1. the Grey Says:
      August 19th, 2007 at 2:45 am

      Now I want to make something similar out of shoes, hang it on my wall and store jewelry in it! :D