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    A Menswear Minute - Dior Homme

    By bigglassesgirl | July 2, 2007

    I admittedly know very little of the inner workings of menswear.  The most regular interaction I’ve gotten with the genre has occurred as a result of me shopping in the menswear part of normal and thrift stores (don’t-have-a-boyfriend jeans, an oversized grandpa cardigan, what have you), and not following the menswear shows/trends on a regular basis.  Heck, it always takes me five minutes to remember whenever I’m on style.com that if I want to see Hedi Slimane’s work I have to press the menswear button to switch over the site.  Which brings me to my exception.  I love his work for Dior Homme…it oozes ice cold cool.  Total fan here…except for one teensy thing that always irked me - the models.  Those guys look skinner than some of the girls doing shows, and though I love it in a sadistic way (we shouldn’t be the only ones facing the ultra-slim silhouette), I think men look better with some meat on their bones.  Not beefeaters, heck I like lanky, just you know, recognizably male and not a stringbean.  Yes, how can I even say that when his aesthetic is obviously geared to suiting a slimmer male body?  Ok, I acknowledge that.  But if I was a guy, I think I would appreciate what Kris Von Assche has done with the most recent collection.  Okay, I miss the aesthetic - I’m not wooed by man-pleats.  However…there is this big bright side.  Stepping in for Slimane, Von Assche showed his collection on a manlier man.  A man with thighs.  Which I think guys like.  And for the girls, it you’re anything like me, you want your guy’s thighs to be bigger than yours.  Just saying.

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