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    I covet #4

    By bigglassesgirl | July 10, 2007

    Beat chic. 

    One of my airplane books is Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, which is why I thought it fate to see that Colette recently previewed a Hogan capsule collection titled “The Jack Kerouac Project”.  (It ended June 30th, so feel free to shed a tear.)  Though geared towards the less-fairer gender, there are still some items I would gladly add to my closet.  The leather jackets would probably make me look like a wannabe-footballer’s-girlfriend, but the backpacks and other bags are making me plain salivate.


    The simplicity of their design, the masculine touches, I think they’d look fantastic paired with a feminine dress a la say, Miss Fetherston’s famous tiered designs.  Want.

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