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    So this is why the price tag is so high.

    By bigglassesgirl | June 29, 2007

    My friend and I are continuously exchanging youtube links.  Shorts from stand-up acts, montages from tv shows, excerpts from fashion segments, and the occasional “so-cute-look-it’s-a-panda-sneezing” are de rigeur.  Pretty light and airy picks, you see.  But today I received this in my inbox, and I have to say I’ve already watched it twice and am completely transfixed by it.  What concept is youtube shedding light on here, you ask?  The making of a Prada handbag of course.  The meticulous ocd soul inside me is relishing each ruler line, each careful pencil mark, each calculated flick of the wrist; the only boring part is the prolonged leather swatch roundtable that once started feels as if it will never end, except when a lone man pops up in the background, and then back to swatches it goes.  But don’t worry, I won’t ruin what happens next.  (Ok, one hint: there is lining up of things to such a precise nature that truely, I’m tingling with nitpicking joy.)

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